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Picking vintage in Brighton and Nottingham

When ever you go some place there is opportunity for picking out and picking up great vintage stuff. When in England this summer the hunt was on for vintage stuff “Made in England”. The cities to visit where Brighton and Nottingham. I wondered into some great places and found some great vintage man stuff. Most of it made in England but also from different countries around the world.

Brighton – Snoopers Paradise and The Open Market

When walking through Brighton, the first thing that you notice is the hughe amount of charity shops. Here the people bring their used items that they would otherwise through away. Mostly books, clothing and old souvenirs. Sometimes vintage stuff comes in, but these get picked up quickly and end op in the better antique shops. It seemed Brighton had a whole lot of vintage going on, with the highlight called Snoopers Paradise.

Snoopers Paradise Brighton

It is a lot of small shops, stalls and displays filled with vintage goodies. You can pick them up in the various places, from different owners and pay at one front desk. It is huge on the ground floor and when looked at all the stuff you discover there is an attic as well! Here are some shots to give you an idea.

Snoopers Paradise Brighton Snoopers Paradise Brighton

Find out more about Snoopers Paradise here.

Besides this vintage paradise I found another small indoor market with small stalls that sold some vintage items as well. Called, The Open Market. You can read more about it on their website. This is what it looks like from the outside.

Open Market in Brighton


Notthingham – Hopkins Vintage Antique and Arts Centre

Later on we also visited Notthingham where a local friend told us about Hopkins. The name on the building was there long before the Antique and Arts centre. But why think up a name if there is already a great one on the building.

Again a lot of separate sellers combined in one store with 4 stories to pick from and pay at a central desk. In addition they poored a nice cup of coffee! To give you some idea about the place.

Notthingham Hopkins Notthingham Hopkins

You can find out more about Hopkins through their facebook page.

The vintage man stuff I picked up

Like I mentioned I was looking for vintage man stuff made in England. Among some of the treasures found where these.

Vintage man stuff made in England

There is a Dominos set, a Sheffield made Cocktail knive, a Notthingham produced Boots Motercycle first aid tin and of course a Guiness ashtray!

Not all I found was made in England though. I found a French Peugeot Coffee grinder, an African deck of cards, a Silva boxed Compass made in Sweden and a Taylor divers wrist depth meter made in the USA.

Vintage man stuff found in England

Good pickings in England I dare say!

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