I was actually  wondering if it would be possible to pick up some vintage items in the USA. It seems thrifting is the equivalent but just a bit different. Like in the UK and in the Netherlands there are a lot of Good Will and Red Cross stores around. Something to explore! And of course I am aiming at finding some real vintage USA made stuff that interested the men.

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There are people who prefer to buy all their stuff new. Not aware of the quality or if the price for the product is good. As long as it has a box, they are satisfied. Then there are people who prefer to buy everything cheap. No matter the quality or the condition it is in. And then there are people that love vintage. And what is not to love about vintage? In this post I will share the things I learned buying vintage stuff, manly stuff!

What is vintage then?

The word “vintage” is used to cover products in the period between roughly 1920 to 1980. Items with more age to them would be coverd by “antiques” and the word “retro” would be used for stuff after the 1980’s that is based on the period before. So retro would be “newly made vintage”. You know you are dealing with real vintage stuff when: Continue reading →

When ever you go some place there is opportunity for picking out and picking up great vintage stuff. When in England this summer the hunt was on for vintage stuff “Made in England”. The cities to visit where Brighton and Nottingham. I wondered into some great places and found some great vintage man stuff. Most of it made in England but also from different countries around the world.

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