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Your own Casino – vintage style

How to make your social time into quality time?

Time off is great, time spend with your friends even better. When enjoying time with your friends, why not make it an experience? With a few vintage items you can create a whole different ambiance. when these items are interactive you are adding a entire different layer of fun, vintage fun.

What is a vintage look and feel

You can create an instant feeling of ambiance by going vintage. Vintage items have a certain color / design / quality look over them that is hard to describe. It is the opposite of futuristic, which can be described as cold, shiny, smooth, distant, where vintage stuff mostly attracts you to touch it, to find out what is made for and made off. It feels / looks familiar and the design tells a lot about what it is used for. The picture below is showing an area where it is quite clear what it is all about ( picture lend from

Where there are some rooms you truly wonder what the hell you are there for and what is what. I am not a fan of that…at all. See below.

I mean…what are you supposed to wear exactly? Better keep it simple, straight up (or mixed in a cocktail) and vintage.

How to create the vintage ambiance then?

Easy. Just get some stuff with a clear purpose. When you want to make a cocktail, choose the right bar tools.


An cocktail makers with the shape of a cocktail shaker and a bar set with a clear gambling theme. Drink and games it spells. When you open the box below, it is instant clear what is going to happen. You get your moneys worth in tokens and you will be playing a card game! Same goes for 2 cups and some dice. Instantly clear, get a cup, throw the dice, feel the fun.


And what if you are playing roulette and you would like to smoke. This ashtray will never leave the roulette table. Need I say more:

To conclude

All you need a few good pieces of vintage man stuff to take an evening with friends to the next level. Specially when you are planning a friendly gambling game, using a few nice talking pieces is enough to add loads of  ambiance. Thus creating a night to remember and do over again and again!

Here is another great piece for instant Casino feel all wrapped up in one need wooden box. Cards, chips and roulette dice…1950’s style (dice probably somewhat later).








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