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Nice finds: Theodor Krause boxed set of 15 Preussen

For your viewing pleasure an set of 15 cavalry soldiers from ancient Preussen, made by Theodor Krause from Germany around 1940. They are still in the original box and therefor in pretty good condition. These tin soldiers are also known as flats or bleifiguren or even Zinnsoldaten.

Theodore Krause set of tin soldiers boxTheodore Krause set of tin soldiers box

The box is clearly marked with TK. This is for “Krause, Theodor, Zinnspielwarenfabrik – Gotha”. The box measures 34,5 cm x 19cm and about 2 cm high. It is complete but a little rough on the edges of the top. The inlay is original as well. The box reads: No. 126, 1 and 15 pieces and “Preuss, Cuirassiere Springend”.

All tin soldiers are accounted for. There in officer a bugler and 13 riders. All are complete but 1 horse front leg. In the pictures there is a small tent which measures exactly 10 cm. This is not part of the sale. These flat soldiers are well painted on both sides. They measure 3,2 cm from the bottom plate to the eyes of the officier.  You can read more on Tin Soldiers in this blog post.

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