The 100 series short introduction

In 2014 the first season of this Science Fiction series started followed by a new season of ca 13 episodes every year and in 2018 we can expect Season 5. Star of the series is the Australian Eliza Taylor, at the start of the series 25 years of age. Other members of the cast are Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, both in their twenties to early thirties like all of the cast members…playing 18 year olds that get dropped on planet Earth after the 97 years humanity survived in space. This young good looking cast, surviving on a rough planet with some violence mixed with coming of age, Sci-Fi, Romance and some interesting ideas makes this easy to watch. And so do many people. You should try it if you did not already.

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About every year I find a new serie to watch! Series seem to get better and better and the best series are not only made by Networks like HBO who we have to thank for Game of Thrones and FOX that produces the Walking Dead (and Fear the Walking Dead).  In addition we now see that Netflix under the Starz Label produces  great series like Spartacus and Black Sails.

New series by Netflix – Starz – American Gods

And now we have American Gods! Check the trailer if you have not become acquainted with it yet. The leading character goes by the name of Shadow Moon (no…really…I kid you not). He has the worst kind of wife….one that cheats on him with his friend and won’t stay dead either. He is by the way also the guy that plays “Lincoln the Grounder” in the series The 100.

What has American Gods got to do with Checkers?

In this first season (episodes 3 & 4) a good old checker board makes it’s entry. Checker used is also called Draughts, but just read the article to get up to speed: Bar games that we used to play: Checkers or Draughts. Pretty cool to see that even the gods like to play! Vintage Man Stuff Style that is: Smoking and in an old shirt!

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Checkers or Draughts is a game with a long history. The reason why it became an evergreen is because it is a very straightforward game with little rules. Most obvious reason for this is the fact that all pieces are the same. Same size, same value, only different colors for both parties. You could basically play the game with rocks or seashell if you found enough that look the same…:).

Since it would probably take you more time to hunt for the rocks or seashell then to play several games. It would be easier to have a set of standard stones and a board at your desposal. I asume that in the past one would bring 2 branches and a hand saw and make a set when needed! A few beer caps would do the trick as well. But if you have to drink them first I am not sure if you make it to play!

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Some background history on domino

Domino is an old game and developed outside Europe. The Domino evolved from dice and were originally white with black dots. In the middle ages it became popular in Italy first before spreading throughout Europe. The word “domino” seems to come from the original look of the stones. Two black dots (the eyes) on a white background looked like a kind of hood worn by Christian priests The Italian word for it was “domino”.  Dominoes is still played all over the world but it is most popular in South-America where it is actually a national game of many countries.

The populairity of the game lies in the fact that the stones are actually quite simple to make and easy to carry. Yet there is a large variety of games that can be played with them. This way it is great for a pub game with more players and still playable after several drinks. But there are also advanced rules for interesting strategic games for 2 playes.

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