The Maestri Company

Founded in Milano, Italy by Romeo Maestri in 1919 the Company first manufactured various kinds of seals like string safety seals, seals for mills and post parcels. Maestri’s wife and two children helped to run the Company. His son Bruno Meastri introducing a new product in the 1930’s. The office stapler. He launched the RO-MA (Romeo Maestri) stapling plier, followed by TENAX and PROTOFIX desk stapler (shown below and also for sale here).

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Grinding roasted coffee beans is hard work when doing it by hand.  So let’s call it a manly job! I like to share some information here on the art of coffee grinding for a great cup of coffee….vintage style.

History on the Coffee grinder

The first coffee grinders were probably generic grinders for all kinds of herbs, dating back to the 15th century and perhaps earlier…being downsides mills an all. The “first real coffee grinders” date back to 1600-something in England/Holland which was a direct link with the world wide overseas trading  they did. Spreading from these countries to the rest of the world. These by now higly  antique grinders are not much use in the every day proces of slow-coffee brewing.

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