I like vintage cameras for their looks, not so much for their picture taken qualities. I am not an expert on cameras and my photography skills are restricted to using my iPhone. But I really like to toy around with them. When looking at a vintage camera it is not always easy to determine their age so that is something I will go into in this article. One vintage camera can make you fall in love with the design and the technical features. But a collection of vintage cameras can really get my vintage hart going wild. Of course the way you they are displayed can make all the difference, below a picture of some of my personal pieces.

my vintage camera collection

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Some background history on domino

Domino is an old game and developed outside Europe. The Domino evolved from dice and were originally white with black dots. In the middle ages it became popular in Italy first before spreading throughout Europe. The word “domino” seems to come from the original look of the stones. Two black dots (the eyes) on a white background looked like a kind of hood worn by Christian priests The Italian word for it was “domino”.  Dominoes is still played all over the world but it is most popular in South-America where it is actually a national game of many countries.

The populairity of the game lies in the fact that the stones are actually quite simple to make and easy to carry. Yet there is a large variety of games that can be played with them. This way it is great for a pub game with more players and still playable after several drinks. But there are also advanced rules for interesting strategic games for 2 playes.

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