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Vintage Movie Stuff: Matt Damon – Suburbicon

Suburbs in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s were the promise of a happy life for all people in America. Specially when you were not rich (yet) this was a part of town you could build your life from. This is the setting for the movie Suburbicon. A film produced by George Cloony and starring Matt Damon. See trailer below.

What starts off as a happy life got quickly sucked into a mafia-situation. Matt Damon seeks the solution to this situation in violence with a decent amount of theorizing from behind his vintage desk. The way he goes about his violence is understandable in his situation and his handling the situation often makes you laugh.

Your own slice of Suburbicon at

Looking to create your own Matt Damon power desk? Check out the category vintage desk stuff! Some examples below to give you a good idea where to start!

Tel Tru American desk Thermometer 1950

Some nice and heavy office wear to hit someone over the head with:

solid iron hole punch 1960

And if you like we even have some vintage pairs of glasses for you!

And something our lead character could really have used in the movie, a first aid kid. We have one specially designed for motorists…and bicycle drivers.

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