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Vintage Stuff Manmade: Toy soldiers different molds

Different types of molds / casting moulds

Around the 1970’s there were only a handful of mold makers, producing starter kits and series of molds. We will look into them more closely below:

Zinnbrigade by Schildkröt







Prince August



Schneider / Ideal


Below are again some different types



This Company produced different kinds of moulds which are not very common. Below is show one of there molds for flats. These are very detailed and a bit harder to cast. Made of aluminum for 30mm soldiers. Each mold is numbered.


Prandel also made heavy aluminum moulds for casting round figures, shown below. These are a little larger 50mm size casts. Very easy to recognize by the dents on the outside and the large fixation points on the inside. Also less commonly sold.







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