Great vintage collection: Beer mugs

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There are several things I am interested in. Amongst these are drinking beer, collecting and vintage stuff. Resulting in picking up vintage beer mugs whenever I can. I think the region I live in is very good for this. In the Netherlands we have several world famous breweries like Heineken. But being close to Germany, Belgium and France results in very different styles, brands and ages for picking out these great vintage beer mugs. The top pictures shows a few and how I hang them in my man cave.

Beer mugs in various sizes

The picture below shows 4 very different mugs in the size 0,2 liter, 0,3 liter, 0,4 and 0,5 liter. The first came from a beer Festival in Germany I attended!

Vintage beer mugs in different sizes

If you were to take interest in just a single size it would make the collection more focused of course. So below you find a picture of 4 mugs in the same size: 0,5 liter or half a liter. The way it is still a bit drinkable. It is interesting to see that these are not all made of glass.

Same size vintage beer mugs

Beer mugs in different styles and materials

Below therefor is a picture of some odd versions of the vintage beer mug I collected. First there is the Christoffel beer with 3 ears in the pottery version. The next one is a Dutch Grolsch stainless steel version and last is one, also Dutch by Hertog Jan. Which is actual a re-edition of a early mugs used in the dark ages. It is made of a sort of porcelain (baked and glaced clay).

Very different materials in beer mugs

The vintage beer mug is a field of collecting with a huge variation. In addition they look great in any man cave. But most of all, theyare very practical when having friend over. Cheers.

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