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Vintage Movie Stuff: Don DeLillo – White Noise

White Noise 2022 movie review

Finally got time to watch this 2022 instant cult movie in a 1980’s setting. No cell phones, no internet but certainly an information overkill hence the title White Noise. Here is the Netflix teaser for you:

Watching the movie, I did get distracted by all the white noise (including some true or not fun facts about Hitler and Elvis) but I got the distinct feeling the central thema was (fear of) death rather than white noise. The movie is sometimes funny (but I would not call it a Comedy) and mostly very interesting with Pulp Fiction like dialogs that pull you in, including some pointless shooting. The setting in time allows for many a vintage items as show below.

As far as VintageManStuff goes, I was pleasantly surprised by the long still of the vintage flip clock which I am always on the lookout for. This movie features a nice Panasonic flip clock. Also my fondness for vintage chess games was tickled. A nice and large interesting chess set (with rounded tops for King and Queen) of which you can find equally nice and better ones at sets.

If you like vintage cars / oldtimers this is certainly a movie for you as shown below, even though a few get wracked, bumped and scratches throughout the movie.

A longer movie with some unexpected twists as well as unique scenes and already on it’s way to become a cult classic. The comedy part is when you go over the movie in your head afterwards. So in the end I keep wondering why everybody needed to run over their trash cans while evacuating??

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