To help you find out more about your vintage stuff, I collected the best pages from the world wide web I ran into. These pages stand out because of their in-depth knowledge and reference pictures. Divided into different categories for easy browsing!

Coffee Stuff

(Hand grinders, Espresso machines, Moka pots and other Barista tools)

Old Coffee grinder. Here you find loads of vintage coffee grinders from brands like Dienes (PeDe), Zassenhaus, KyM, Armin Tröser, BeHa (B.C.), Peugeot and many more.

Atomic Espresso maker. Here you find really everything there is to know about the stove top Atomic Espresso maker in all it’s varieties, eall about the design, manuals, (re)sellers, sub brands etc.

Collezione Enrico Maltoni. On his website called “espresso made in Italy” you can find the largest collection of vintage professional Espresso Machines which were used all over Italy (and the world) by quality brands like Faema, La Pavoni, La Cimbali and Gagia and many others.


Desk stuff

(Staplers / Fasteners, Measuring tools, Slide rules, Hole punches / Perforator and so on)

Guide to Antique and vintage fasteners. This is a 100 page PDF on antique and vintage staplers, reference guide with pictures, patents and restoration examples.

International Slide Rule Museum. Or short IMSR, is the world’s largest free digital repository of all things concerning slide rules and other math artifacts. Arranged to country and style you can find almost every slide rule ever put in the publics hand!


Bar related items

(Soda water bottles, Ashtrays, Whisky / beer branded items, etc.)

. Here you will find everything you always wanted to know about your vintage Soda Bottle marked with the Sparklets brand. So many beautiful bottles in different styles and colors!


Photograph related stuff

(Video cameras, light exposure meters, Cameras, tripods, Flash bulbs and more)

Camerapedia. A wiki style multi page on almost every vintage and more modern camera out there with specs per type and pictures. Big brands like AGFA, Kodak, Zeis Ikon and Polaroid but also very small brands like MIOM, Dacora, Porst and Vredeborch.

Ollingers Light Meter Collection. An overview of mr. Ollingers light meters in his collection with additional information on each meter. In addition there are many articles on related items.

Vintage Camera Lab. A beautiful image based reference on only vintage cameras. You can browse by type, brand, format or country or just look at the amazing pictures of good looking cameras.

Minox It. A beautiful website by Mr. Tanase on the Minox camera series and Minox accessories. In addition you can find information on vintage light exposure meters as well as on Leica, Agfa, Kodak some more vintage stuff!


Toys for big boys

(Toy soldiers, Tin mechanical toys, Transportation toys, cars, trains and airplanes.)

The vintage model train Collector. A personal page by David who has a large collection of vintage trains by brands like Märklin, and Ives but also Krause and Bing and toys from brands like Tootsietoys and Pratt & Letchworth. Loads of information for collectors as well!

Collecting Tin Toys. Huge database of vintage catalogs and trade marks for manufacturers of tin toys. You find many Japanese vintage toy makers like Asahi, Daiya and Modern Toys and English producers like Mettoys, Graham Bros. and Tri-Ang. Also European makers.


Time keepers

(Wrist watches, alarm clocks, desk clocks, Timers and other interesting mechanical timepieces)

Some Time Ago. All vintage watch website for collectable and classic wrist watches. Large database with pictures, loads of information in the blog section. A website by and for collectors covering large brands like Tissot, Omega, Longines and Zenith and tiny brands like Aquastar and IAXA.

Vintage Certina’s. A website dedicated to the Certina watch brand. All you wanted to know about the different models like Argonout, DS, Chronolympic and all about there handwind and automatic manufacture movements.

Roamer Watches. So many pages dedicated to just Roamer branded watches. Models like the Stingray and Mustang are perfectly photographed as well as their movements. Loads of pictures and information. Great vintage watch stuff!

Vintage Zodiacs. Everything you always wanted to know about this killer brand! Models like Sea Wolf, SST and Datagraphic all have their own pages. The information Includes manuals, advertisements and even “Watch stuff”!